Your Right To Know

Your insurance company cannot force you to use a particular repair shop. They may only recommend a shop for you.

You do not need at least three estimates to have your vehicle repaired. The Ohio law requires only one estimate.

You do not have to accept imitation or non-original parts to repair your vehicle, unless stated in your insurance policy. Please read your policy carefully or contact your agent to have him or her review it with you.

You do not have to drive a damaged vehicle if any safety item is affected or headlights, tail lights, windshield, etc. are broken.

If your vehicle needs towed, your insurance company covers that expense. You are also entitled to 2 tows per accident. The first tow is to safely secure your vehicle from further damage and the second tow is to a repair shop of your choice.

You can expect your insurance company to return your damaged vehicle to pre-loss conditions.

It is important to choose a repair facility that is professionally trained and equipped to repair your vehicle due to the fact that the repair facility is responsible for all repairs made under this claim.